Monday, May 12, 2014

Phad si-iew

During our recent road trip through North America, Zok seems to have gotten back into a habit of eating meat- often.  Either the trip or the fact that he had some dental work done which caused him to attempt ten days of 'soft' food.  A concept that did not want to or could not grasp.

My phad si-iew had tofu but no chicken.

Zok of course - had both chicken and tofu.
We left out the egg-but if you want to add egg, just cook it first-it should come out omelet style, and you can slice it and put it aside and just add it in at the end of your stir-frying

(This recipe is for about 2 people)

250 g or .5 lb of rice noodle thick ones which are about 2 cm or 3/4 inch
1 tbl. peanut oil
1 egg (optional)
250 g of chicken or beef (optional)
250 g (for us about half a block) of firm tofu
30 ml or 1 fl. oz of kecap manis
about a 2 tbl. of soy sauce
about a tbl. of fish sauce (this can always be switched out with any other veg. sauce to add flavor-mushroom being the most common)
150 g or 5 oz of bok-choy, gai larn (chinese broccoli), kale or leafy green of your choice
150 g or 5 oz of broccoli (I like both types in mine)
a dash of ground white pepper

Drain your noodles and set aside
If you are frying your tofu, cut it into desired shape, fry and set aside on something porous (paper towel, designated tea towel)

Heat your wok(s) over high heat, and add in your peanut oil reduce to medium, add your noodles and cook for a couple of minutes
combine all your sauces soy, fish, kecap manis (you can add water if you think the sauce is too thick, I prefer mine thicker)
Add your vegetables and white pepper
Lastly add in your tofu (and egg/meat) and stir fry it all for a couple of minutes

Serve up !

Dried or fresh: First soak them in a large bowl of boiled water (hot) completely covered so you can then separate the noodle strands. Zok likes to soak his for his entire prep. time so about 20 minutes to a .5 hour.

Zok used a second wok, and using the same sauce he cooked his chicken in a second wok, and then just added this into his portion.

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