Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fresh Spring Rolls

Time to prepare- about 30 minutes
No cooking!

This is another recipe you can change to suit yourself.  We adjust for the amount of people, I can easily eat 5 by myself
But here is what we do:

Dried Rice paper wrappers
Dried rice vermicelli
Fresh Thai basil leaves (I admit we makes these during our Thai basil season, if you don't grow your own, you should, it is easy-peasy)
Coriander/Cilantro (optional) personally I hate it
Fresh mint leaves
Carrot cute into short thin strips
Cucumber cut into sticks
a bit of grated lime rind
If you think these are too 'dry' you can add a bit of sweet chili sauce,
we dip ours in just some soy sauce with a lot of grated ginger and we don't think you need anything else.
Many people used hard boiled egg cut into 1/6 ths.  But we quickly toast some thin tofu squares in butter, and then cut them like the carrots into matchsticks.

 Soak the rice vermicelli in a bowl you fill with boiling water for about ten minutes to soften them, and then drain them in a colander 
We use a class baking tray and fill it with warmish to almost hot water and then soak each rice paper wrapper as we use them, just immerse, soften and then spread it out on your work surface next to all your prepped ingredients and wrap them up

Basically you layout your wrapper, fill as desired (Zok puts in some chopped chillies - no surprise there...)
Then wrap them sort of burrito style, or just fold up the ends and roll them
Sort of tap down the filling as you do this
If the rice wrapper gets brittle just sprinkle it with a bit of water

That's it!
Healthy, quick and very tasty

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