Monday, May 19, 2014

Honey Tofu (or Chicken)

This was our first try with this recipe
This dish is SO tasty.
The left-overs? Equally as tasty.
Zok time: Prep time about 20 minutes, and cooking about 20 minutes
This includes the fact that he did the (currently) usual process of 2 woks, one with the chicken and one vegetarian.

The oh so tasty sauce soaks into the rice, making the left-over delicious - even cold.

The chicken and the tofu are treated the same way (of course tofu is easier since it is you know...tofu...and you can't under or over cook it- one of the reasons that it is a wonder food)
 I asked Zok how you know the chicken is cooked since it is coated with the cornflour and he said "you can tell." well, I suppose if you are a meat eater this is true.

This is for 2 people so double it if you are more.

A box of firm tofu (did you read what I said about the left-overs? yeah use the whole block)
1 egg white
1/2 c. (you can use less zok is a 'more' sort of person) Cornflour
about 1/4 c. vegetable oil (so you can re-coat your wok as you do new batches of ingredients)
small white onion, or basically whatever you consider a good amount (for me this is barely any for Zok more) cut very fine
2 carrots (the more the merrier) cut into lengthwise- not 'matchsticks' more like a skinny french fries.
Snow peas (the more the merrier) cut into squares, about the same size as you cut your tofu works well
2 heaped tablespoons of honey 
 toasted almonds (optional)

First take your cubes of tofu (or chicken if you must) and dip them into your bowl of egg white and then lightly dust with cornflour, best to shake off any excess put aside
Heat your wok and coat with a bit of oil
Stir fry your tofu in batches (or chicken)
Put them aside on something to drain (a paper towel is fine)

Reheat your wok and add a bit more oil to stir-fry your onion for about 4 minutes
add in your carrot for about 4 minutes
then your snow peas about 2-3 minutes stirring (or flipping) all continually
Make your your wok is still quite hot, and add in your honey and coat your vegetables thoroughly
Now add in your tofu (or chicken or both) and once again mix until well coated
Serve up immediately and add your toasted almonds (or not, we didn't)
Serve with the rice of your choice


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