Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chicken (or tofu!) Pot Pie

Perhaps I wanted to have this dish because in 2013 I missed out on autumn all together- but I got a craving for vegetable pot pie 
We couldn't find a recipe we liked, but Zok felt puff pastry was key, and I just wanted a sort of tofu/veg/gravy  interior so Zok just winged it, as if he was making a soup- I would say the pies were almost too savory but Zok disagrees
Zok in truth used 2 vegetable stock cubes to the 500 mil of water, and I would used one
This is a great sort of left-over or clear out the vegetable crisper type of recipe as you really can't go wrong - it is too easy

Fried Chicken (optional)- but Zok is really happy with his new skillet from North Carolina so any excuse to fry something...
Egg (to coat your topping)

Puffed Pastry Sheets (ready to cook)


First melted 50 g of butter into a large pot
Add in chopped onion (about half of a medium brown onion)
Saute for 2 minutes
Add in diced carrots (2 medium)
Add in 3-4 thinly sliced mushrooms
1 clove crushed garlic
Saute until vegetables get a bit soft and fragrant
Add in salt and pepper
Any herbs you might want 
1/3 cup of plain flour
Saute - stirring constantly for about 3 minutes
1/2 cup of milk
mix and bring to boil
then add
500 ml of vegetable stock (use your already made stock you've jarred up, frozen or the ever helpful vegetable stock cube - any will do)
Mix well and bring back to boil
add in tofu (or chicken)
then the mixture should quickly reduce to a gravy thickness

fill your desired cookware, (Zok was super excited to use as many types as possible)
fill to about 1 in. below the top

Place them all into the refrigerator to cool for about 15-20 minutes
Take out your puffed pastry sheets and cut to overlap your cookware
 Zok would say to cut your air slits now
Then mix up on egg and get a pastry brush or something to use

Then pull out your cooled cookware
Coat the edges (rim) with a bit  of the egg wash
Cover with pastry
Brush the tops with egg wash

20 minutes 180 C (or about 400 f) or until golden brown
(Remember to always pre-heat your oven to the correct temperature before placing your food in to cook)


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