Sunday, September 25, 2016

Budapest Cake; A Birthday Cake request

Zok got a birthday cake request, for a cake called 'Budapest Cake'.  However, there were many, varying recipes on the internet.  Thankfully we found this video, because this is a type of cake you need to see prepared more than you need a written recipe. This cake is mostly meringue and can be a gluten free cake.  In the video they use flour, and ground nuts, Zok used almond flour only.

Here is the link: Budapest Cake

 I would advise watching the video through once, because assembling your ingredients.

Separate 6 eggs, creating 6 egg whites placed into a large bowl
Set aside a bowl with 1 cup of sugar (250 ml)

Zok also used a hand mixer instead of his (cherished) KitchenAid because he doesn't make meringue often and wanted more control of the mixture.  However, next time (as there was no difficulty) he will just use the KitchenAid.
 As the eggs became fluffy, creating peaks, he then added in sugar slowly this creates the stiffer, more solid peaks.

175 grams (3/4 cup) of almond flour
Then use a rubber spatula to slowly fold in your almond flour (or whichever ingredient  you choose)
 Zok did his addition in smaller parts (as opposed to the video)
Take your prepared cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, and using your rubber spatula, spread your mixture evenly 
Preheat your oven to 170 C. or 335 F.

Put your cake into cook for 20 minutes or light brown in colour
Take out and let cool down completely- carefully flip the cookie sheet to remove off the baking sheet to cool, about 40 minutes- to an hour.

Whip 300 ml of whipping cream, adding in 2 tbl. icing sugar/powdered sugar
Zok added a bit of vanilla extract (as he thought that would go nicely with the almond flour).

When cool, you need to remove the parchment paper, the handy spray bottle with water trick is a good way to go.
Then spread your whipped cream, once again using your rubber spatula.

Next you need to add the fruit of your choice- Zok and I couldn't decide, luckily the birthday girl aka our budapest cake expert, said one must have this style of 
mandarin oranges, not fresh.
We saw other types of fruit in various recipes, but we all thought the mandarins' made the taste more interesting.
The cake has a surprising texture, very 'cake-like' even though there is no flour.

Zok placed the fruit in lines so that when he rolled the cake the mandarines were distributed well.

 Zok rolled the cake just as the video shows- just go a bit slowly 
Zok melted a normal milk chocolate candy bar via the hot water bath, and used piping, thin nozzle to lightly laced the top of the cake.
Lastly, a light dusting of powered sugar.



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