Monday, August 8, 2016

Tamale Chicken Filling in Roasted Ancho Chili Red Sauce

For our four meat eaters, Zok bought a 1.2 kilo chicken.
He had a lot of chicken left over, so he just put on the table and people ate most of it.

Take a pot large enough to immerse and cover chicken
Add a few cups of water and ingredients as if you were making soup stock:
Bay leaves, carrot, celery, fresh garlic, onion-
Add in your chicken, top up your liquid and bring to a boil
Then turn down to simmer, put on the lid 
Cook for 1 hour

Pull your chicken out carefully and place in a large bowl
Proceed to shred
Pull out the skin and bones to add back into your soup stock
You will need the soup stock to make your sauce for your shredded chicken-
So, check your stock for taste, as you simmer it for another 30 minutes or until flavorful - strain your stock and put aside 
Get a pan large enough (we use a large cast iron dutch oven) to cook the chicken and sauce-
Start with 1 can of crushed tomatoes (or if you are lucky enough then use your homemade canned tomatoes, or fresh)
Add tsp. cumin
Add 2 garlic cloves crushed
Add some dried hot chilies (to taste)
1 ancho chili chopped, seeds and all
2 cups of your stock
Add in your shredded chicken, stir well
Simmer for 3 hours
(This can be made the day before)

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