Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla- Zok style

Eggs (amount variable)
Herbs/Salt/Pepper to taste
Potatoes (in proportion to the amount of eggs you use)
Vegetable oil

This dish is possibly an excuse to use pottery that we bought in Barcelona where this dish is available at almost every breakfast counter.
This dish is so easy you don't really need a recipe, but it is good to know how your oven and dishes work together.

Zok peels and slices about one small potato per person.
He likes to slice thin ovals and he fries them slightly more for the crispy texture than for a need of cooking them through.
Next he caramelizes an onion, chopped in the same oil after the potatoes come out.  He drains a bit of oil off by setting out the potatoes on paper towels.
He beats the eggs lightly with a whisk, adds in some mixed herbs, depending on what is around, oregano, rosemary, a bit of salt and pepper.  He adds in the onions and potatoes at this time to mix it all up and then pours it into his terracotta dish.  In a bit he has cooked this in a ceramic torte dish, but he likes to have a lid.

He cooks this dish on 175c.
First he cooks it for about 15-20 minutes just open, then another 15-20 with the lid on (you can used tin foil), then take off the lid and give it the once over, if you want it a bit crispier/browner on top then cook a bit more with the lid off, or if the color is fine, but needs a bit more cooking time then cook with the lid on.
Zok says it takes about another 10 minutes, but this all depends on how big your dish is, or by this I mean how many eggs you used.
This is a real easy dish to adjust for last minute, addirtional people as it is easy to add in more eggs and potatoes.
Also this dish is good at all temperatures, which means you can cook it early, or have it around for late night/early morning after snacks.
You see this a lot in Spain, where this dish is out for eating both in the morning and in the afternoon.


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