Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fresh Salsa with Mango

I am pretty sure I got the idea to add mango to my salsa from a Martha Stewart magazine.
I am not a huge fan of spicy or onion(y), and I find that the mango off sets both making this a good compromise.
Of course you can always just leave out what you don't want.
Australians make a lot of salsas that they jar up and put away from winter, this is not that type of salsa, this is a more light, garden fresh quick appetizer for when friends drop in.
It is also good when you have too many strawberries and limes because of course a margarita can be nice.

I prefer firm tomatoes, or larger tomatoes than can be chopped down small over cutting up the small varieties.
I love mango, and I always scrap the skins as well and eat that bit as I am cutting up the rest.
If you feel that there is a large portion that isn't attached to the large center seed,that is a good place to make your cut, then you can twist it a bit (like an avocado) and pull it into two halves.
I usually cut both direction on the fleshy side so that I can then just scrape near the skin and get small already cut squares of mango.
 I think if your tomatoes are good, tasty tomatoes you can skip adding in fresh lemon juice, but if you prefer not to put in the guts of the tomatoes, or if the tomatoes need a flavor boost then lemon is a good way to go.
I tend to use sweet roasted chilli powder, salt and pepper sprinkled on top and then mixed in right before serving.

 This is another dish that really is about ratio and not measurement.
If I am really trying to estimate I put in about 2 tomatoes per person, if I have more than 2 people, I will use more than one mango.
I always use less onion than Zok would.

Tomatoes- chopped fine enough to work with the type of corn chip or tortilla you are eating this salsa with
White onion
Fresh lemon juice
Chilli powder (just a pinch and at the end, because the taste will get stronger as it sits)

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