Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blended Summer Drinks, The Chi-Chi or its cousin the Pina Colada

Cocktails with Colleen

The blended drink is the easiest of the cocktails.  Technically it doesn't qualify as a cocktail, but as we live in the current trend of pre-mixed drinks, many might find this as elaborate as making a cocktail.

Because you are blending your ingredients, into a larger batch you have more extras than you do concentrated alcohol.
Therefore you can be loose with your measurements, as it really is just about the ratio. How much of a ratio runs to your own taste.

Zok is not a real fan of Coconut Milk in drinks, so I tend to use just enough for a creamy texture.
The trick in getting your blended drink to be like one you get when you are dining out, is to use crushed ice, which when blended will be really fine and thick and the drink can be drunk slowly without its parts separating.

Chi-Chi is when you use Vodka.
Pina-Colada is when you use Rum.
Vodka of course has a milder taste than Rum.

You would use a lot of ice, and about 2 parts fruit to one part Coconut milk.
Alcohol as desired.
I tend to put in one shot per drink.  You can always mix in a bit of alcohol straight to the bottom or top of the poured drink if someone prefers that strength.
Pineapple is juicy enough that you don't need to add in anything extra, but you could add in pineapple juice to sweeten or in a pinch if you don't have enough fruit. (Orange juice is an okay substitute but that will change the taste a bit)
Sometimes I add in mango which is a nice complementary taste.

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