Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Orange Sorbet in the Orange Shells and tips about Lemon Sorbet

The hardest part of this recipe is scraping out the oranges and dividing out the fruit membranes.
I expect Zok to get over needing to put sorbet in its original shell pretty quickly.
Of course you need space in your freezer for the shells.  Otherwise you can just put your mixture into any sort of container and scoop it into your bowls when you are ready.

We used six oranges and had enough sorbet to fill five shells.

We used the ice-cream bowl/attachment for our kitchen aid to solidify and freeze the mixture.
Videos will tell you various ways you can mix up the mixture.
Zok would tell you that even if you have to hawk one of your children to pay for it, you need to have a KitchenAid.
All we did with the orange is use a bit of simple syrup to sweeten it, and not very much.

The second try we made lemon which was much trickier.  The taste was too strong, too sharp.  The problem wasn't with the sour or the sweet simply the strength.
The second time we made lemon, we diluted the mixture with soda water and the sorbet was much better.

Zok is really into making desserts but he also likes to make heavy meals, so the sorbet goes really nicely with the stuffed pasta shells.

Sorbet is really as simple to make as everyone says.

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