Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tasty Tofu: An introduction to stir-frying and Tofu and of course Rice

I think the original recipe for this dish is in Sweden, where we are not.
 However, this recipe has evolved away from any true recipe, this is the dish Zok makes when we are short on time, or short on ingredients.
Because we use a rice cooker, the dish is especially quick.
I think originally, this is the recipe that made Zok start to actually want to eat tofu, hence the nickname of 'Tasty Tofu'.

For those who care there are some tips on Stir-frying at the bottom of this post.


Firm tofu (amount depending on how many you are feeding)
Shiitake Mushrooms (Zok would say that only Shiitake mushrooms should be used due to the small amount of ingredients and the strong flavor of these mushrooms)
Garlic (again this is about your own taste)
Real Butter

30 ml Soy Sauce
30 ml Miran
30 ml Cooking Sake

Cut all ingredients into thin slices, trying for uniform sizes
First melt your butter to coat the bottom of your pan*
Quickly flash fry your garlic- until fragrant and put them aside (into a small dish)
Coat the pan with butter again and quickly do the same with your mushrooms and then put then aside
Repeat again with your tofu pieces, getting them golden-brown in color.

Then you can put all your ingredients together into the pan and add your sauce.
Essentially you are just reducing down the sauce so that it is thickened.

Dish out your rice and add your tofu, mushrooms, garlic tasty-goodness over the top.

We usually have a glass of cold sake with this meal.

*Disclaimer, Zok uses a heavy based, good heat conducting frying pan not a wok for this dish because it doesn't need much cooking as of course you could eat these ingredients raw.

Tips on Stir-frying
This dish is a bit of a introduction to stir-frying, as you can practice making your ingredients uniform, and having everything to hand to quickly add in.
These are the most important parts of mastering a good stir-fry.
Because everything is cooked quickly, a good, high, constant heat is important.
When using the wok, it is especially important to have everything you need nearby and ready to go.
Any oil (or butter) is good as long as they are not cold pressed.  
Having a little bit of water to hand is a good idea, you can sprinkle the edges of your wok so items don't stick because they are drying out.

Because your food is cooked simply and quickly there is a crisp caramelized taste.


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